On June 6, 1983, Earth was invaded by an alien race called the ‘Kradaka ah Seretchka’, which, in their language, means ‘Kingdom of the Hunters’. In the first few months of the invasion, billions of Humans are slaughtered and the survivors subjugated to the will of the Seretchka Empire. Defeated, the Human race is held in slavery for the next 200 years.
With the assistance of another alien species, the Ettin, Earth builds a small military force on the Ettin’s hidden home-world. Eventually, Humans win their independence from the Seretchka and turn against the empire. Over the next 100 years, Humans and Ettins push the Seretchka back, liberating other conquered alien races. However, Human’s discover the Ettin have lied to them about their own origins and betrayed the Human’s trust. Under threat of attack from Earth, the Ettins evacuate their home world and disappear into the depths of the galaxy.

The year is 2407.

Since their last battle with the Seretchka Empire, 100 years prior, the Human Republic has been engaged in a bloody civil war for nearly a decade. The Republic’s Fleet Admiral, Thomas Gershing, is determined to end the war with a final and overwhelming attack on the capital world of the rebellious Confederacy, the planet Iwajim. However, a traitor within the Republic fleet has alerted the Iwajim Secretary of Defense, Armand Pallo, of the pending attack.

Using information provided by the mysterious informant, known only as Lieutenant Richard Guzinya, Pallo plans to lure a single Republic task force, commanded by Admiral Demarco Vitols, into an ambush in the Iwajim system. Two Confederate task forces, commanded by Admirals Tavin Salles and Karl VonKassel, are commissioned to attack and destroy Vitols. With the destruction of a full Republic task force, Pallo hopes to sue for peace and win the independence of the Confederacy.

Admiral Gershing discovers the plot but realizes it’s too late to save Admiral Vitol’s task force. Against the odds, Gershing plans to move forward with an immediate invasion of Iwajim. He rallies his fleets and launches his men and machines into battle.

The forces of the Confederacy and the Republic converge on the tiny world of Iwajim in a last desperate battle for control of Human civilization. The contest ranges from brutal space battles to bloody ground combat. The citizens of Iwajim are caught between opposing forces, political intrigue, and dark deception.

During the course of the invasion, secrets are revealed showing the true purpose of the war on Iwajim and a Republic conspiracy that resulted in the murder of millions of humans in Colorado Springs, Earth. The leaders of the Republic will go to any lengths to cover up the conspiracy including the murder of millions of Humans on Iwajim.

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